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Cool things to do before becoming a fertilizer!

  1. See a live Hans Zimmer Concert
  2. Meet Hans Zimmer
  3. Write a Book
  4. Meet Jonnah Jinton and tell her how amazing and inspiring she is
  5. Travel the World
  6. Run a Marathon with friends or make new friends there duh!!
  7. Meet Jacob collier GOD…

What is Microsoft Engage?

The Microsoft Engage’20 was a 6-week Mentorship program during June-July 2020 in association with Ace Hacker. The Mentorship was open to all students who were graduating in 2022 at my time. In this program, students were mostly mentored by awesome Microsoft Engineers. The Engage Program offered Ask me Anything Sessions(AMAs)…


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog written for the sole purpose of the satisfaction of talking to someone in a way that the writer finds satisfying. In addition to it do not try to interpret the emogis in the blog 🍕

I have always wanted to be an original…


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