What took me so l0_0ng to Write?


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog written for the sole purpose of the satisfaction of talking to someone in a way that the writer finds satisfying. In addition to it do not try to interpret the emogis in the blog 🍕

I have always wanted to be an original and the thought of writing or documenting things has always excited me. Besides Blogging, I have always wanted to cover songs and post them for my own satisfaction. But somehow couldn’t because of my own insecurities, the people around me, and the thought that publicizing oneself was a cheap stunt. (I’m wrong here)

However, somehow I realized in the past year that my life is short, I have sooo many dreams to accomplish, soo many amazing people to meet and sooo much help to give. I have always loved meeting new people, getting to know them, and mainly how differently everyone thinks!

I’m not going to sit here and wait for things to happen, I’m going to make them happen, and if people think I’m an idiot I don’t care.

So considering everything, if I have 50–60ish more years to live and so many dreams to achieve, I need to be alive and not just living.

I don't know how my blogs are gonna turn out or even if they would even matter to anyone. But does it even matter when you are just an amateur open to ideas, risks, and suggestions(HINT HINT)❗

OHKAY Jaya Speak the Truth!!🌊

Well, I like talking and why not? and I have these so many wonderful ideas, thoughts, and experiences in my head and while I am exploring so many things at this stage, I can’t contain everything in my head without venting it out anywhere. So this blog is possibly an effort to pour my heart out, speak my mind and hear my thoughts. Also in a way, helping me to think clearly and taking control of my thoughts or rather they taking control over me❓

Though I am mainly writing to deal with anxiety, guilt, and self-hatred. I have been feeling miserable, wrongly done, hurt, and lost for a while.
The desire for answers and conquest over anxiety and mental issues, paired with an inability to never being able to overcome or find the source, control, and understanding of the problem has eventually led me to start finding things that are beautiful about me and appreciating the world around. I am trying to reason and understand how to overcome because I can't give up.

It isn't the fact that you are hurt that counts,

But only How did you take it?

Well in addition to it who knows I might meet amazing people with similar thoughts and make new friends!💁‍♀️

Also, I am just beginning so if you are reading this blog, you will notice the improvement in the content and mentality gradually so please be patient with me. I am all raw and honest here!

The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large !


That’s it! I will end this blog on a positive note with lines that touch my heart and might help a wanderer ……

It isn't the fact that you are dead that counts,

But only How did you die?

Cheers, and I’m extremely grateful to you for being a reader 😸

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